Frequently Asked Questions

1. We need new window coverings, but are unsure what type to get for each type room setting. How do we decide?

Visit our show room in Valparaiso, Indiana today. Homeplace Decorating offers a wide array of colors, styles and light control fabrics for each category of shades and blinds. In addition, a designer from Homeplace Decorating will come to your home to help guide you through your final choices.

2. Which products do you recommend for the maximum blocking of light?

Many Homeplace Decorating products are offered with light control options from minimum to maximum light control. Try Homeplace Decorating Honeycomb, Pleated, Roller, Roman, Privacy-Slats Wood Blinds or Woven Woods for varying degrees of light filtering to blackout.

3. What type of window covering should we use in our bathroom or kitchen?

Both have high humidity, and we do not want to ruin our blinds with water or stains. Alternative Wood, Aluminum Blinds or PVC Verticals are great choices. Simply dry your blinds with a cloth, and they will continue to look great for years. Stains are easily removed by cleaning them with a wet cloth.

4. We have very large windows with beautiful views, but we want a window covering that allows for more privacy without blocking our entire view. What are your recommendations?

Homeplace Decorating Horizontal Shadings are a perfect fit for large windows. Their sheer characteristics allow for enjoying the view, while offering varying levels of light control and privacy.

5. We have small children at home who are into everything. We are very concerned about their safety around our window coverings. Are your window coverings safe for our family?

Homeplace Decorating takes safety into consideration when suggesting products. When considering window coverings for rooms that are frequented by children, we highly recommend our cordless shades. Homeplace Decorating Honeycomb Shades are available with a cordless feature. The shades maintain the stylish look of your home, with a high level of safety.

6. We have an arch in the entryway of my home. We would like to cover it, but are unsure how. Do you have suggestions?

Homeplace Decorating offers several products for arches. Bring in or email a photo of your arch and we'll advise accordingly. Often honeycomb, wood blinds or pleated coverings perfectly complement your fabric window coverings.

7. How do I keep my blinds clean?

Each Homeplace Decorating product comes with instructions for care and cleaning.

8. How do we purchase a Homeplace Decorating product?

Simply complete the Estimates form on this website, email or call us and we'll assign a designer to your case. They'll walk you through your options until you have chosen the perfect fit for your wants and needs. Our representatives are personable and professional.

9. Our household runs 24 – hours a day. We have those of us who sleep at night and due to work, those of us who sleep during the day. Do we have alternatives for controlling light other than blackout shades?

Day-Night Shades are a perfect alternative. They offer the convenience of a light altering fabric on the bottom and the beauty of a sheer, more elegant fabric, on the top. Available in honeycomb and pleated fabrics, this style utilizes two different fabrics on one shade. A translucent fabric is used on the top and a room-darkening fabric on the bottom, connected by a moving rail. This shade provides six options to raise and lower your shades for varying degrees of light control and privacy.

10. We live on a very busy street, and when we raise our blinds, everyone passing by can see into our home. We want to let the light into our house, but need privacy from the busy street. What do we do?

Try a Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shade. This shade can be opened from both the top and bottom. This style is ideal for letting natural light in through the top and preserving privacy below. It also allows light to flood a room by opening completely from the bottom up.